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A brief history of Idol Creations.

I know this is a bit of a read, but I’ve been working on this story for 15 years now.

In (or around) 2003 I started a small local car club called Idol Creations. We were a few people that were modifying our cars. Nothing special we were kids at the time. This small group of car enthusiasts slowly grew. I started working with and hanging out with a car club that was dedicated to the Saturn brand of cars. We all started becoming friends and unfortunately that club suddenly closed down without notice. I’m not sure on exact timing of this, but i want to say around 2005-2006.

Me being the “Computer/Tech guy” (Hosting the Idol Creations car club website at the time) and always working on computers, we all started talking about trying to takeover the club that just suddenly died. Contacting the current owners proved to be a dead end (I’m still waiting for an email back from them) So at this point we started brainstorming ideas for a new Saturn Based club to setup.

Idol Creations … On hiatus for a bit?

So Idol Creations technically got quite a bit larger as all the Saturn club started to join. This wasn’t a bad thing, but we were already brainstorming ideas, website design and features. So this was a temporary stop for the old club. Just a place to continue their forum activities. Shortly after Our6thplanet.com was opened to the public (and of course we encouraged all of the Idol Creations members to move there instead) … Saturn by the way is the 6th planet from the sun if you didn’t catch that.

So with me focusing all my attention to the Our6thplanet.com website and car club. Organizing car meets, car shows, and everything that went into running a car club, Idol Creations was officially closed down …. for now.

Idol Creations … Re-opens?

So after a couple years of running a car club, I noticed myself working on a lot of cars for friend. Also we always had something we called “Garage Days” we would gather a bunch of our closest group members at one of our places and work on each others car. At the same time (or in and around 2009) General Motors did some re-structuring and this caused 2 issues.

1: The Saturn brand was eliminated which would later lead to the downfall of a Saturn based website (but not for a few years).

2: My day job consists of building auto parts for General motors. So quite a drop off in sales caused some layoffs for our company. This affected everyone i worked with. (Short term don’t worry your little heart off). So I was laid off indefinitely. Don’t call us we’ll call you type of deal.

So while I was looking for employment I had this idea to re-open Idol Creations as an aftermarket car parts reseller. I spent the $60 and registered my business name. The thinking was to buy auto parts (oem style and aftermarket / performance parts) and resell on my website and to car club members that I was currently working on their cars anyway.

Unfortunately for Idol Creations (but fortunately for me) my lay off only lasted 6 weeks and we were back in business. 1 Day into my return I was offered a promotion and have never been laid off since 2009 (frantically looking for a piece of wood to knock on). This caused Idol Creations to be put on the back burner for a bit. I still did a few jobs for people, but I didn’t really sell any parts. I got some discounts for my own vehicle repairs and modifications, but never made anything financially.

Fast Forward to 2011/2012

Idol Creations sort of disappeared. I wasn’t making money, and I had bad timing when I originally registered it as a business. We had RST (retail sales tax) which was our PST (Provincial Sales Tax) and we had GST (Government Sales Tax), I went to some courses to learn all about it and filing my taxes accordingly, then HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) came to Ontario that basically combined both our taxes into one.  Everything I learned was essentially for nothing at this point. I had to re-learn the HST system and start over. Since I didn’t make any money that whole time I didn’t bother even learning the HST.  My business license expired (it was a PST business license) and I never renewed it.

So what does the future hold?

I have since then done computer repairs and website hosting under my name. Not to make a living and quit my day job, but to basically learn more, and fill up some free time, and for some odd reason I enjoy it. I setup a small shop in my basement and worked out of there in my spare time. More recently I have been doing home renovations on my house, custom projects, and tinkering around and thought since I still have the Idolcreations.com domain why not use that name again (I’m kind of partial to the domain I have been paying for it year after year since 2003 even though it sat blank at times). So my intentions it to start documenting what I do around the house, shop or garden, and try to re-brand Idol Creations as a Builder / Maker / DIYer / Tinkerer / Gardening <-  Amateur, or basically whatever I tend to do myself around here.


I hope you found this read somewhat interesting. I can’t believe how easy it was to spew all that out. Once i sat down and started typing it just stated flowing. I guess because I’ve been working on this article since 2003 😀


I will try to be somewhat consistent in my posting / articles to get this site a little more populated with content.


Until next time, thanks for reading.



In the mean time I am posting to Instagram regularly (https://www.instagram.com/idolcreations.canada) and will continue to add content there as well to my daily shenanigans.



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