Recently Idol Creations was re-opened with the goal to share my knowledge and experiences.

Whether it’s working around the yard and garden, in the shop getting dirty. Or at the workbench tinkering with computers or electronics. I created Idol Creations to share my story and experiences. To help others learn about and have the confidence to take on those projects them selves that they didn’t think they could do.

If you want to join me in this journey I invite you to check out the blog and lets get dirty together. … wait a minute that doesn’t sound right. Lets all get out there and get creative together.

Idol Creations was originally created in 2003. I remember it like it was just 15 years ago (wow I’m old now). Originally a car club for the DIYer that built & modified his/her own cars, slowly went the way of the car scene. However in 2017 I started paying more attention to documenting the things i was doing in my life. I thought there has to be others out there that want to learn these things as well. (and quite possibly let me make the mistakes first).

If you want to know more about my history, you can read in more detail about the history of Idol Creations, or if you are up at 3am and need to fall asleep it could to that as well.






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