5 tools I wish I had right now to grow my business.

5 Tools I wish I had to grow my business

5 tools I wish I had right now to grow my business.

Earlier this week I posted an article about 5 tools I have that I can use to start making money. In that post  I discuss the tools I currently have and how I can make money with them. In this post however I am just going to dream about the tools I wish I had. Don’t we all do this from time to time?

However I’m being realistic here. These are tools that will help make more money, and hopefully support this little hobby I’m trying to get off the ground.

So let’s get at er’

  1.  A New Table Saw.

    In my previous post I talked about how my teeny tiny table saw was pretty much just OK. it will get me by for the short term, but long term, its just not whats required. Ideally I’d like a cabinet or Hybrid table saw that’s nice and sturdy. Sturdy = safer. My current table saw is used on a portable table to get me by. Having a dedicated place and safe saw will be a benefit over the years to come.

    I’m always on the hunt for a used (either restore-able or ready to use) saw whether its a cabinet saw, hybrid saw, or full size contractor saw.

  2. A Welder

    So you may have read my article about my shitty welder. It’s a cheap 110V flux core that has never really gotten the job done. Ideally I would like a multi-process welder so I can Tig or Mig weld. But realistically a used 220 MIG will probably be in my near future.
    A decent Mig welder will allow me to create some more industrial style furniture like this step stool I created from reclaimed materials.

  3. Band saw

    Now I have a band saw, but its a tiny 9″ band saw, I think i would benefit from a horizontal metal cutting band saw, that flips up for precision work. This way I can really start with the metal/wood furniture I’d love to be building.

    Also A Wood band saw that handles a larger capacity of stock would be nice, but I can live with the smaller one for now

  4. Jointer

    A jointer is really just a hope and dream, but it would open up a new possibility to use rough lumber, and not be stuck using whatever the big box store has already in a size close to what I need.  It’s on my “wish list” but i would need to use some of the tools i have now to fund one 😀 .

  5. Planer

    A Planer is another one of those tools that’s a reach right now, but probably would be purchased before a jointer just for the fact that i can mill stock to thinner dimensions, there are sleds you can use to get the flat sites with a planer rather than a jointer. and ends can be planed by hand, or on a table saw with a jig.

So those are my tools that I one day hope to be able to include in my collection of tools.

What tools do you wish you had in your shop to make your work easier, safer, or more profitable?


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