Planning a 2000 KM road trip to Florida.

Foot prints int eh sand

Planning a road trip to Florida (with 2 young children)

wish me luck!
Along with building and fixing random things, I am also a husband and father. We have decided to take a trip to Florida and visit Disney World with our kids. (ages 5 and 2 at the time of travel) I know wish me luck.

The trip to Florida (down and dirty for now)

Ontario to Florida map
Ontario to Florida map
Basically, when my first son was born in 2013 he watched a lot of Disney Jr. (Still does) and loves Mickey Mouse. When he learned how to speak he wanted to “go to Mickeys House”. We said when you are 5 we can go… Guess what age came up way faster than expected.
So fast forward to 2018, my Son will be 5 and my youngest will be 2, so we’re headed to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.
We are staying at a resort about 20 mins away from Magic kingdom called Hilton Grand Vacations at Sea World. We landed an excellent deal (Family time share) and we’re staying there a week in October 2018. (already booked and paid for)


Unexpected turn of events

We had planned on flying there and back. We’ve been (my wife has been) watching flights for deals. A couple came up and went, we unfortunately didn’t snag one. Now that the date is approaching fast, rates seem to be going up and up. They went to a point that we just cant fathom spending that much on a flight. Around $1800 CAD round trip for 4. Adding up the trip, plus resort, plus Magic Kingdom admission, groceries, car rental (or transportation in Florida); we started looking at close to $5000 CAD for our trip to “Mickeys House”. I knew I should have taken my son to the arcade when he was two and told him it was Mickeys house.
We have a hotel booked and paid for (cancellation insurance of course) but still, we are going to get there and use it.
That’s how our flight to Florida turned to a wonderful road trip across eastern United states. (If my wife asks its an awesome trip and the kids wont even notice being in the car that long.)
That’s enough for today. I think I will post a little more later this week about the route we’re taking, and how we plan to make the best of this road trip.
Do you have any tips for a 3 day road trip with young children, I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.
Next we need to setup our itinerary for the trip.
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